Story Time

A breif history of WISP.

Research - Early 2019
In early 2019 we started exploring the idea of making a SaaS out of Pterodactyl, utilising our experience in the field. We already successfully designed scaled versions of Pterodactyl with custom features, and noticed the demand for these services.
WISP Unveiled - 9th June 2019
This was the date we announced WISP. After nearly being crushed due to technical challenges, the project was starting to look like it was more realistic than we initially thought. We launched a blog to describe our vision for WISP. To read that click here.
Website & Discord- 1st July 2019
The initial version of our site and our Discord went live. Within the first month we had over 1000 new users join the Discord, and over 3,000 unique visitors on our website. We released an article on the site and logo design process. You can read that here.
WISP: Beta - October 2019
Watch this space...

The Team

Real people with real experience.

Technical Lead

Stepan is a talented developer with experience developing game panels. As a member on the official Pterodactyl development team, he understands the project codebase with the ability to implement ideas effectively, and quickly through proven processes.

Creative Lead

Jack oversees product and team development, with a consumer obsessed perspective. Hand picking talent for the project, and working closely with them to inform a cohesive vision; spanning from visual design, all the way to the business model itself.

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