WISP: Design

I thought it might be interesting to some people if we shared the inside development of the WISP brand, to show you where it all came from.


Our logo was designed by Vested – he loves design. He’s really creative & good at drawing, however this was more of a GFX logo and I didn’t give him much information on what I wanted – it just needed to be “cool”. I’m a bad person I know.

I figured we would at least be able to get some creative ideas down for place-holder images on the site.

Original WISP logo designs

A few days in, these are the first concept logos we had. We knew it wasn’t done, but it was something to work on. I sent back my initial revision idea (Bottom)

Bottom: concept revision

The notable changes are the I, S & the (incredible) P. After making adjustments for those, Vested still felt something wasn’t working. So at this point things got a bit experimental…

Yikes, glad we didn’t choose that
This was a thing too

But it wasn’t too long before we finalised on what we still use as the shape for the logo now

The current WISP logo with bright colors

While we weren’t happy with the logo it was good enough to start working into a concept site. From there I thought we would know what to change on the logo.


At this point I forwarded the logo designs to our site designer, Havasu – who is really taking the design lead on WISP currently. He was given a “mood board” of sorts, so he had a general idea for the feel we wanted on the site.

Concept mock for more ideas

This was a mock concept, to just try and get some colors and ideas flowing. We wanted to highlight the easy installation, and custom features. There is a video – which is still planned for the current site. We ended up replacing that temporarily with a design of the Pterodactyl panel.

For the eagle-eyed out there, you would have noticed the “Versus TCAdmin” & “Versus XenoPanel”. We’re planning to release these pages soon (XenoPanel was replaced with MultiCraft) so watch this space!

Original site concept

The next day Havasu cleaned up the design, and this was the first real look at what was going to become our brand identity. The color choice was perfect, and so different to what I was suggesting previously, but this is why I give people like him the time & space they need to do their thing.

Revising the logo

Havasu suggested we make the logo white, so Vested started experimenting with that, and we really liked it.

White WISP logo concept

After a little more tweaking, we pulled the gray & added the green highlight to end up with our current logo. We used the color scheming for our smaller, square logo – so it’s not just a white W

We popped the new finished logo on the site, and it was starting to come together…

From there we worked to build out the website we have now. Our website is primarily there to raise awareness right now. We hope to put out more useful information on some upcoming updates.

Final notes

Thanks to Havasu & Vested for defining the brand, and being flexible with as much change as we had going on. I’m happy to work with people who love what they do, and it’s what will make WISP great.

We will continue to tweak and tighten up the brand identity, but there wont be any radical changes. We’re aiming to expand the design language from our front end site onto the game panel, etc.

That’s all for today folks. I’ve been showing a lot of design by Havasu & Vested, but not much by me, so as a reward for finishing this post, have some Drizzy art: