Deploy in less than 60 seconds

Leading with features like Audit Logs, Backdoor Scanner, Mod Manager, Backups and more


Four promises we are set on keeping

We will try to keep WISP ahead of the competition when it comes to...


Time is money, and we don't waste money. Our geo-routing will ensure consistently high speed


We approach outages with a plane-crash mentality, providing full transparency reports


We’ve got the skills and resources to keep you ahead of the game with unique and new features


We operate under a "assume breach" mindset, always taking steps to review and improve security

Install with one command

One command is all you need. WISP will detect the system specs and automate the entire process for you.
Steve Jobs is basically screaming "It just works" from his grave right now.

Cheaper than the servers it runs on

We're not just saying that. WISP runs on a global fleet of dedicated servers.


Base Pterodactyl features

High availibility

Coming Soon
WISP: Community

All the basic features

More than 1 node

Game-specific features

Installation support

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WISP: Enterprise

All the community & basic features

Host specific features

White label branding

Enterprise support

Application API

WHMCS Module

Use your own domain

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