One panel for many providers

Command and control your community servers from one sleek interface

WISP Community Edition

Mix and match providers under one panel

More features than most game hosts

Enterprise-grade panel uptime

Granular user access controls


Use the hosting companies you want. As long as your server supports Docker, WISP supports your server!

More features

We lead in feature innovation and development, offering more features than most hosting companies.


Uptime is important to you. It's really important to us. Which is why our systems are redundant by design.

Community specific features

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Audit Logs

See who was doing what, when. Our audit logs expose information when it matters.

Git Tools

Improve your development flow with the ability to clone and pull repositories with one click in the file manager.


Keep your data safe with our remote backup tool supporting any S3 compatible storage.


After deploying your instance of WISP, you will find a migration page in the admin area; this will guide you through our simple process. Once complete - you will be able to migrate services on a per-node basis by simply installing WISP.

How we're planning to migrate 60,000 game servers to WISP

Elevate your community

We provide tools that make it easier for your team to be more productive.


Designed for communities with their own dedicated/virtual servers

Coming Soon
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