WISP: Welcome

WISP is a cloud game panel, aiming to offer the most intuitive management UX available. Built on Pterodactyl, and geo-redundantly hosted in the cloud, the panel will offer unique and exclusive features, reducing the amount of time spent managing, allocating, and deploying game servers, and dedicated servers.

WISP: Community Edition

The community edition of WISP is for communities which want a premium control panel, while retaining control over the important infrastructure in their community. With WISP communities can use any number of hosting companies, and centralise all their game servers with one control panel.
The only restriction for community edition would be certain branding, and the panel would be hosted on “mycommunity.panel.gg”

WISP: Enterprise Edition

Enterprise edition will be for hosting companies looking to keep up with innovation in the market. We will keep your panel online, with bleeding edge features, and best security practices.
The branding and domain will be changeable – in addition to the ability to use custom themes, and support in configuring WHMCS.