WISP: Rundown

Because we have had a influx of new people interested in the project, we’ve been getting a lot of the same questions, so let’s answer them.

What is WISP?

WISP is a cloud game panel which you can manage dedicated servers or VPS with. Built on Pterodactyl, and redundantly hosted by us in a geo-distributed environment.

Each community will be given a “yourcommunity.panel.gg” domain. Enterprise customers will be able to use their own domain. Adding a new dedicated server or VPS to your WISP panel is easy, just paste one command into SSH and you’re done.

Notable features

Mod ManagerSteam UpdaterJM*HA**Git Tools
PterodactylNoBadly doneNoN/ANo

*The “Jar Manager” is only marked as “Yes” if the Jar’s for the supported editions of Minecraft automatically update to include newer versions of Minecraft. Manual systems aren’t counted.
** Natively designed to work in a High Availability setup

There are many more features which we can talk about, too – like Audit Logs, the Application API for users, Workshop Downloader, and Backup system.

For now we’re going to leave it there, though. We don’t want to go on too much. Additionally, because WISP is SaaS – we will be aiming to provide updates to it delivering new features – not mentioned here – over time.

When is it coming out?

Right now we don’t have a set date. But we’re aiming to get the panel out before, or at latest during October. It’s really important to highlight that this project is still in development, and if we think we need more time – that date will change.

Right now we’re ahead of schedule, so I don’t expect any delays!

How much will it cost?

While the pricing model is still open to minor changes, the entry pricing wont change. Community will be starting at $5/mo, and Enterprise will be $10/mo. This will cover your panel, and one machine. There is no limit to the amount of users, or the amount of game servers per node.

Community will be starting at $5/mo, and Enterprise will be $10/mo.