WISP: Phase One

As we’re entering phase one of WISP’s development, I’m going to be answering questions from the community.

How much will it cost?

Right now our current pricing scheme will be split into two divisions. Community and enterprise. While we’re also aiming to have a free tier, this isn’t concrete yet.

Community Edition

$5/mo for first node
Certain features restricted

Enterprise Edition

$10/mo for each node
Allows white-label branding & custom URL
WHMCS module & setup support

Will I be able to easily migrate from Pterodactyl to WISP?

Yes. We’re making an intuitive migration process. We’re hoping to work with some large hosting providers to produce some whitepapers on successful migrations, encompassing hundreds of servers and thousands of users.

WISP is built to handle demand from any size, if you’re a small community, or a hosting company with over 60k game servers.

Can I host the panel myself?

WISP is a cloud game panel which we host for you. This allows us to save you money, providing a geo-routed and redundant service, which can handle huge spikes in traffic, DDoS attacks, and allows us to push out frequent updates without any downtime or work required on your end.

Once you buy a license, you’ll be given a command which you paste into SSH, which will link your server with the game panel.

What features will it have?

On launch we’re expecting to include all base Pterodactyl features (duh) and some additional features, including, but not limited to a Garry’s Mod Workshop Downloader, Minecraft edition installer, remote backups, git tools, and server action logs. We’ll also be aiming to include Source Engine FastDL tools.

Additionally, it will have many UX improvements over base Pterodactyl. Things like importing eggs, wont require daemon restarts anymore. There are many, many small things have been improved – generally making the UX more intuitive, so you can spend more time focusing on the things that matter.
The apex of UX improvements over Pterodactyl has to be our deployment, migration, and management process for nodes/setup.

Bespoke feature design will be possible, and we’re going to be working with select hosting providers to develop our processes and pricing models for this before we announce additional information.

Will I be able to change the branding and URL?

The branding and URL will be customisation on our Enterprise packages. Until then, your panel will be running on a mycommunity.panel.gg domain.

Will this run on Linux and/or Windows?

At the start it will be Linux only, but it’s possible we’ll expand to Windows support.

When is it releasing?

Right now it would be irresponsible to release a solid date. Development is looking good, and we’re ahead of schedule if anything.

With that in mind, and the reinforced preface that it could change, we aim to have a MVP before October.