WISP: Demystifying the cloud & on prem

There has been quite a few misconceptions and myths about WISP, how it will be hosted, and our on premise solution. This should clear up why the cloud offers advantages, and our on premise panel.

Why is WISP hosted in the cloud?

We host the game panel, and you install the daemon on your nodes. This communicates with the game panel and allows you to easily manage game servers on a number of nodes with no work required.

Because we’re hosting the game panel, it’s important it doesn’t go down, so we have servers distributed globally that can dynamically handle incoming traffic. Traffic would be routed around any failure within seconds.

Traditionally, you would need to setup the mail server, web server, database, ssl, and more yourself. We take all of this out of the loop and enable you to deploy a game panel with a single command.

This is only possible because WISP is hosted in the cloud; which enables us to monitor performance, perform maintenance, responding to any issues much faster.

Additionally, things like DDoS and scaling up and down are managed discreetly and quickly, for you. This allows you to focus on your customers, and expansion.

What if I want to use my own servers?

Under reasonable circumstances we can do on premise hosting of WISP. However, this doesn’t come without risks. Due to the increased time associated with managing an on premise environment, we may only do it if we deem it truly in the customers interest.

If you’re planning to use less than 3 POP’s in the continents we cover, you would only be exposing yourself to increased risk of downtime.

Example use cases for on premise

If your game nodes are having latency issues with our game panel, we may provide on premise solutions, however we would generally want to have at least 3 POP’s to ensure QOS.

If you’re operating in a country which requires all data to be kept within said country, this might make geo-distribution redundant and we can run on-premise with less than 3 POP’s.

For large companies that provide complex network topology, SLA’s, liability contracts, or complex data management/transfer contracts, we can provide on premise, however this will need to be a WISP unlimited license, which starts at $2000/mo for unlimited nodes.

To ensure a high quality of service, we will review each request for on premise individually.