New features, release soon and looking forward

Status Update

We haven’t posted here in a while, but it is time to wipe the dust off the ol’ blog. As I’m sure some of you have noticed, our second headline feature had just rolled out – marking the game panel as ready for production release from a feature standpoint.

The two features I’m talking about are our modpack manager & plugin manager (not to be confused with our mod manager). The key thing about these systems is they’re fully automated, meaning companies don’t need to manually maintain a large amount of mods. These systems are also inherently much faster than installing modpacks or plugins manually, saving your clients time too.

As far as we’re aware, WISP is the only publicly available game panel to offer these features – firmly asserting our goals to remain laser focused on keeping our customers on the bleeding edge of innovation.

Launching Soon

WISP will be production ready and publicly available before the end of July, and this means a few changes are to be expected. We will be rolling out our final design update, to tighten up some final bolts & align our branding. There will be a follow up post regarding that.

When WISP is released for sale, all the users on our beta will be given 30 days to activate their subscription. Once they activate their subscription with a valid payment method, it will renew every month.

Future Bound

From now on future features will be disclosed to hosting companies before we push them out. This will give companies time to prepare their own marketing materials, making their customers aware of upcoming features – so these things don’t just come as a surprise to the company and the customers.

We’ve been internally talking about what we should be aiming for in the future, and one thing we keep coming back to is customization. We’re making plans to allow modding of WISP, and a full theming system. This stuff would require a relatively major rework of our code base, requiring us to turn WISP into a SPA. While this wouldn’t inherently provide any new features, it would provide three key benefits – mods, themes and pretty major speed improvements.

This is a situation where we need to take two steps backwards in order to take one step forward. Due to the large nature of the job ahead, it’s likely this will open up a window for competitors to try and catch up with us, and our customers. But we think this is a sacrifice worth making in order to give our customers a greater level of control over their game panel in the long-run.